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Here’s an old joke:

Question: “How many Presbyterians does it take to change a light bulb?”
Answer: “Let’s form a subcommittee, make a pot of coffee, discuss the light bulb and find out.”

Well, kind of! We definitely believe two heads are better than one, and collaboration is the key to greater success. Here are a few more basic beliefs:



  • We are People of Faith who believe in the Creator God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This inspires community in God and with each other.

  • We are spiritually connected to scripture. The Bible is our inspiration.

  • We have two sacraments baptism, and communion. They are visible signs of an invisible grace.

  • We’re thinkers and pray-ers, and take worship seriously, not just on Sunday but we live our worship through the week.

  • While all our members are ministers in-and-to the world, each church has leadership positions (i.e., Elders, Deacons & Ministers) designed to keep things organized and moving along. Members rotate in and out of positions every 3 years.

  • We embrace the Reformed Tradition.

  • Everybody’s welcome: we embrace diversity!

  • We strive to be of service to our community, by partnering with many local missions and non-profit organizations in the area.

  • We love and support our families and children. We are committed to teaching children & youth about Jesus in a safe, interactive environment.  

  • While you probably won’t find Presbyterians going door-to-door, we believe in sharing the message of Jesus with the world through acts of kindness, justice, and peacemaking.

  • We treasure the world God created, and seek to protect and maintain it.


The mission of Westminster Presbyterian Church is:

Creatively sharing Christ's love:

we welcome, we serve, we grow.

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