Westminster strives to provide a safe, clean, loving environment for your children. Everything's a little different right now while we're opening up slowly. Stay posted here, request access to our private Facebook group (West Pres Kids), or email to be added to an email list.

Kids Blowing Bubbles in sunday school


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*Pre-K/Kinder class: meets downstairs 10:30-11:30.

*1st-5th graders: join their families in the sanctuary at 10:30 and will be        invited to the classroom ~10:50 (upstairs). Class ends at 11:30.

*Nursery (upstairs) is available for family use (unstaffed). TV available to        stream service.

Weekly use-at-home Sunday School materials available here. Contact Krisha ( if you would like printed copies.

New Song Children's Chimes Choir is also back for 1st-5th graders! Let us know by January 23 if you'd like to join for the spring session. Practice is every other week on Sundays 11:30-12:00.