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We work individually and collectively to care for our beautiful planet. Passively, we sequester carbon simply by leaving our suburban church property largely forested with space for native plants and a variety of wildlife. Our building & grounds committee also actively works on projects that provide climate-friendly solutions. To learn more about PCUSA initiatives, including responsible investment opportunities, click here.

Ever wonder if the Bible has anything relevant to say about our modern climate crisis? Check out this short article from Salt Project, which takes you from Genesis to Revelation asking this question.


Wetlands Webinar: Wed, 5/17, 7:00-8:30pm  

(Owens Farm/Jackson-Frazier Wetland Complex)
Wetlands include forested wetlands, marshes, ponds, and wet prairies. Before 1840, much of the Willamette Valley was wetlands. Today, only about 1% remain, making it critical that we regenerate more wetlands of all types. This series looks at success stories, some near completion, some in process. We encourage you to watch this webinar to gain a broad understanding of wetlands, what it takes to regenerate them and what you will see when you hike around them.
 Register here.


Get Inspired & Get Involved!

Simple choices such as consolidating vehicle trips, carpooling or riding the bus, or hopping on a bike can make a real impact in our community. What’s more, the benefits of driving less can extend to increased physical activity and a few extra calories burned along the way. Consider registering with Get There Oregon to see a list of travel options along your planned route. Each option automatically estimates carbon emissions, money saved, and calories burned along the way.

To reduce energy consumption in your home or business, visit the Energy Trust of Oregon for a free online assessment and to learn about the many energy incentives and programs that are now available to Salem businesses and residents. For more ideas and tips, and to calculate your carbon footprint, visit Climate Actions for Individuals, on the City of Salem website.


Bumble Bee Watch needs your help! Because these animals are widely distributed, the best way to keep track of them is with an army of volunteers with cameras across the country. With any luck, you might help us to find remnant populations of rare species before they go extinct. Participating in Bumble Bee Watch is simple, and you can get started now by creating an account and adding your sightings! 

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