God Defends!

Week 2

The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation. 

Exodus 15:2

Bible Story

Put the story cards in your packet in order and re-tell the story. Color the "Awe" sheets alone or with a grown-up as you think or talk about the story.

Memorize this verse and post a video of you reciting it in the gallery. You can use the card in your packet to learn it or print one here: 

Imagining Together

From this story, how would you describe God in three words?

Water Wand Craft

Craft Week 2.tif

Tie your streamers onto the metal ring.You can add more excitement to your wand by cutting the streamers lengthwise to make more streamers and more movement as you shake your wand. Use it to praise God for defending us as you do Music Time. Share in the gallery!

Mission: Overflowing Generosity


Watch for ways you can get involved in our Overflowing Generosity mission project.

Music Time

Sing along and add actions (your own or you may remember some from VBS a few years ago). You may want to use your Water Wand to wave with the music! Think about how God is like a lighthouse to us.

Learn about God's wonderful world by doing science experiments! Share in the gallery!

Science: Air Pressure

Water Carry Challenge

Take the challenge! If you need to do it inside, choose a closed container. For kids under 8, we recommend one gallon. For kids 8-12, two gallons. Share a video!


How did you feel after carrying the water? If it was too easy, get a bigger bucket or make an obstacle course!

Story Time

Celebrating God's Creation

illustrated earth sign.jpg

Don't forget to get outside and enjoy God's good creation (even if it's just in your backyard). Show us where you've been each week in the gallery!

Family Fun Suggestions:

Watch The Prince of Egypt  (available on various platforms, currently streaming free on Hulu).

Watch Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Water Reclamation. (available on Kanopy for free. Sign up with your library card through Salem Public Library: https://ccrls.kanopy.com/)

Younger children may enjoy:

Earth to Luna, Episode 8 How Water Became Rain


Splash and Bubbles (any episode)

(also available on Kanopy)