God Creates!

Week 1

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good. 

Genesis 1:31

Memorize this verse and post a video of you reciting it in the gallery. You can use the card in your packet to learn it or print one here: 

Sea and Sky Collage

Craft Week 1.2.tif
Craft Week 1.tif

Using the supplies in the large envelope, create your own sea and sky collage. You can use other art supplies that you have at home to make your collage even more exciting. Don't forget to share what you make--in the gallery or at our online meeting.

Science: Density

Music Time

Learn the words and sing along, add actions, or if you know how to play guitar, ukelele, or piano, you can find the chords below and play along! Don't forget to share your music!

Bible Story

Put the story cards in your packet in order and re-tell the story. Color the "God Said..." sheets alone or with a grown-up as you think or talk about the story.

Activity Sheets

Learn more about the water we use every day with the water activity sheets in your packet (or print them here).


Story Time

Mission: Overflowing Generosity


Watch for ways you can get involved in our Overflowing Generosity mission project.

Celebrating God's Creation

illustrated earth sign.jpg

Cut out your Illustrated Earth sign, write your name, and tape it to a stick. Get out and enjoy God's good creation, and show us where you've been each week in the gallery!

Family Fun Suggestions:

Watch an episode of Planet Earth or Blue Planet (available on various platforms).

Watch Curiosity Quest Goes Green: Fishing for Energy. (available on Kanopy for free. Sign up with your library card through Salem Public Library: https://ccrls.kanopy.com/)

Younger children may enjoy:

Earth to Luna, Episode 31 Salt of the Sea


Splash and Bubbles (any episode)

(also available on Kanopy)