For Adults

God Makes New!

Week 3

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the old creation is gone, the new is here!

II Corinthians 5:17


This week's story is Jesus' baptism portrayed in Matthew 3:13-17, in which we encounter all three "persons" of the Trinity. Watch this short video to explore God as Trinity.

For further study:

For a deep dive into how baptism fits into the wider biblical themes of salvation, check out this Bible Project podcast.  

For background on baptism in the Presbyterian Church, watch this video or read this article.


Cultivate Renewal

Reflect or Journal

  • What does it mean for us to experience the new creation as we live in Christ?

  • In what ways does it feel like you're still longing for new creation? 

  • Remember a time in your life that you'd describe as transformative--you came out feeling like a new person.

  • Is there a "new thing" you feel called to embrace right now?


Practice a Breath Prayer


Breathing in: As the Spirit transforms me...

Breathing out: May I transform the world.



Practice Mindfulness


Email if you'd like the file to print and color.

Mission: Overflowing Generosity


The kids are voting this week on a gift from the catalog that we pool our resources to purchase! They would love your help also. Details coming in Week 4. Check out all the water-related options here:

Celebrate God's Creation

illustrated earth sign.jpg

Get out and enjoy God's GOOD creation, sign not necessary (but if you want one, let me know)!