For Adults

God Defends!

Week 2

The Lord is my strength and my defense; He has become my salvation. Exodus 15:2a


Explore the story of the Exodus with this short video from The Bible Project. 

For further study:

Go more in-depth with the accompanying video study notes: 

Watch Walter Brueggemann connect the heart of the Exodus story with our world today: 


Cultivate Gratitude

Reflect or Journal

  • How do I fit into the big story of God's deliverance in the Exodus?

  • In what ways is God my strength, defense, and salvation? 

  • In what ways am I still waiting on God for deliverance? How can I remain hopeful? 

  • How can I celebrate and give thanks? How can I share God's goodness with others?​


Spend a Grateful Day:


Explore more at, including this handwashing practice: 


Practice Mindfulness


Email if you'd like the file to print and color.

Mission: Overflowing Generosity


Watch for ways you can get involved in our Overflowing Generosity mission project.

Celebrate God's Creation

illustrated earth sign.jpg

Get out and enjoy God's GOOD creation, sign not necessary (but if you want one, let me know)!