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The Rev. John R. Moody

The Rev. John R. Moody


Click the links below to listen to audio recordings of recent sermons in MP3 format. There may be a slight delay as the tracks download to your computer. You may adjust the volume on your player.

March 18, 2018

"Where Would We See Jesus"

John 12: 20-33


Rev. John Moody


March 11, 2018

"Snakes and Stakes"

Numbers 21: 4-9    and  John 3: 14-21


Rev. John Moody



March 4, 2018

"It Doesn't Add Up"



Rev. John Moody


February 25, 2018

"It Was The Worst Possible Thing Jesus Could've Said"

Mark 8: 31-18


Rev. John Moody




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